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Computer Scientist & Software Engineer

Andrey Krasnov

About me

Hello, I am a professional software engineer with deep knowledge of C++, C# and JavaScript. I also have background in computer modelling. I love spending time on polishing and optimizing my apps. I am married and have a daughter.


Andrey Krasnov
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Higher education

Tomsk State University
1998 – 2003

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
Master degree in Computer Science (Specialization: Mechanics)

I studied computer simulations of physical processes. Also I learned about C ++, UML, Fortran and more. Here I learned about the importance of OOP and optimization of algorithms.

Work experience

Russian Federal Nuclear Center
2003 – 2014

Fulltime – Research Associate

Right after I graduated, I started working for VNIITF: a research nuclear center. I was developing a set of programs for computer modelling of hydrodynamics and high energy density physics in a team (mainly in C++, also I used Fortran and Delphi). I also did a lot of applications in C# – tasks preprocessor, geometry modelling, 3D-viewer for data of calculation, etc. My applications were used for a dozens of clients. I won the award outstanding scientists twice in 2010 and 2013. I am the author of over 20 scientific reports on various special areas.

2014 – 2015

Fulltime – Software Developer

I was a part of a sustaining team for Avaya Aura Contact Center. My responsibilities were investigating and fixing defects of a product. Also, I worked in a team which is developing applications for Plantronics headsets. My area of interest lies in С++11, Javascript, REST API, CEF, etc.

2015 – current

Fulltime - Senior Software Engineer

I'm a GUI lead of Intel® Advisor, my main responsibilities are to drive GUI, planning tasks, software development and fixing bugs.


The most strengths: C++, STL, C#, Winforms, Managed DirectX, OpenMP, MPI, makefile, web-server Lighttpd, Design Patterns (Factory Method, Singleton, Builder, etc), WordPress, Linux command line, OOP, concurrent programming.

Some experience: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Delphi\Pascal, Fortran, Matlab language, WinAPI, TCP/IP.

Familiar with: XML, MySQL, Python, SIP.


MS Visual Studio (10+ years) Windows (10+ years) Arch Linux (5 years)
MS Office (10+ years) Notepad++ (4 years) SVN Subversion (5 years)
Git (1 year) Source Insight (10+ years) Rational ClearCase (1 year)
Inprise Builder & Delphi (5 years) MonoDevelop (2 years) Matlab, Maple (10+ years)
GIMP, Photoshop FAR, Total Commander, mc PuTTY, telnet, OpenSSH


Russian (mother tongue), English (I can attend an interview).



Here is a list of sites which are running on my home-server:

  • Langues this is my first site, I developed it for my wife in 2009. It is a E-learning site for distant learning foreign languages. It is based on WordPress PHP engine with custom template and plugins written by myself.
  • – site refers to astrological counseling and related blog. It’s also based on WordPress with live chat and payment plugins.
  • Mary’s mall – e-commerce site based on WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. I did a lot work here to adapt it for our needs.
  • – small household company. It doesn’t run on my server, but I developed plugin for them. This plugin allows for users to enter meter readings and synchronizes it with the xls-base.
  • nkrasnova and andykras – personal sites of my wife and me.

I’m using Arch Linux, Web-server Lighttpd, PHP+MySQL, and WordPress as CMS. Also Postfix+Dovecot+SpamAssassin for email.

Guitar music

I like different genres of music and I love playing guitar. You can find some of my songs on youtube and on VK social network.


We are developing a model which allows to build a life cycle of innovation in Business. Also I wrote over 20 special reports about computer modelling of hydrodynamics and high energy density physics using the mesh free Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) schemes.


I like workout, ping pong, tennis and jogging. I used to be a champion of Sambo (martial art).

GitHub projects

These are some of my GitHub projects which I’ve been doing at spare time:


Feel free to email me to provide some feedback or to just say hello!